Graduate Students

You came to graduate school with a deep commitment to a sustainable economy and a desire to pivot to mission-driven work that aligns with your core values, yet the inclusion of purpose and sustainability is minimal in most schools’ curricula.

We understand your passion for applying your skills and experience to solve complex social and environmental challenges – we were in your shoes once! – but identifying attractive public and social sector opportunities can be daunting.

We believe that textbooks and lecture halls alone cannot impart the skills you need to lead in a sustainable economy.

PGI offers meaningful summer internships to bring your skills and passions to bear on a real-world need. Along the way, we help you to develop lifelong tools for navigating the less-traveled path of a purposeful vocation.

Our Fellowship model is designed to cultivate the clarity, credibility, and confidence you need to launch a purposeful career in these tumultuous times.

What We Offer

A Roadmap to Purpose

Think of PGI as a “purpose guide”: prompting reflection and dialogue about your sense of purpose, leadership style, strengths, and opportunities. We act as a resource for thought leadership, practical tools, and customized guidance long after you complete your internship.


You’ll be joined in this critical inner work by a community that shares your commitment to use your work and life as a force for good, serving people and the planet. A cohort of peers provides feedback and collaboration, and the broader network is full of potential mentors, employers, and partners.

Practical Experience

Enhance your graduate education with real-time application and “real-world” immediacy. We are big proponents of the 70/20/10 model of learning and development, which states that 70% of learning happens on the job and not in the classroom, and see the summer internship as a vital proving ground for all that you’ve learned.

How We’re Different

PGI Fellows do work that is mission-critical for high-impact organizations. You’ll spend time on vetted projects that deliver value for the organization and its community AND provide powerful career credentials for future employment.

Over 200 purpose seekers like you have participated in one of our Fellowships, gaining critical sector experience and embarking on purposeful career journeys.

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