Finding right-fit and diverse talent is a puzzle many organizations are struggling to solve. Only 10% of mid-size to large companies are satisfied with the diversity of their internship programs and even fewer know how to screen for purpose.

To reach non-traditional pools of talent, hiring teams are being asked to be more efficient, with less time and fewer resources, all while providing a better candidate experience.

We Can Help!

PGI attracts, engages, and develops diverse, purpose-seeking talent for internship roles in high-impact and values-aligned organizations.

Leveraging forward-thinking approaches and our agile team, PGI creates value throughout the talent acquisition process.


We dive deep into your goals, building on strengths and troubleshooting your pain points to deliver customized guidance for your recruitment strategy. While every organization’s needs are unique, here are just some of the ways we can support you in laying a strong foundation:

  • Articulating your organizational identity, purpose, and values
  • Optimizing job posts, applications forms, and job descriptions
  • Training on how to screen for purpose in interviews



PGI brings over a decade of experience engaging top talent for high-impact roles to deliver a diverse and purpose-driven applicant pool for your organization.

We offer a human-centered recruiting experience to every candidate, reducing the risk of withdrawals, increasing conversion rates, and maximizing your recruitment spend.
Our established relationships with career services offices in the top management and policy schools help to boost your employer brand.

We reduce inefficiencies in your recruitment process through smart, data-driven insights and tools. We’ll create a customized recruitment dashboard to help your team see the status of the hiring process at a glance, collaborate, and inform decisions, both in real-time and in future recruitment cycles.


We employ state-of-the-art hiring software and evidence-based selection techniques to help you identify the most highly qualified professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, with visible and invisible traits as diverse as the people and communities our partners serve.

PGI also lightens the administrative load through automated interview scheduling tools and candidate communications.

Program Management

Once your chosen candidates have accepted your offer, PGI provides customized support to ensure a positive experience for both you and the intern. Some of the structural support we provide includes:

  • Payroll management – let us handle one of the biggest headaches associated with internship program management!
  • Consistent communication – we make sure interns are kept up to date on important information and feel connected to the company
  • Impact monitoring and evaluation – we can help demonstrate the value of the internship program to the rest of the organization
  • Bespoke professional development resources – enhance interns’ experience (and your competitive advantage) with PGI’s trademarked professional development curriculum.

Over 100 high-impact organizations have benefitted from the purpose-driven talent sourced by PGI. Read more about their experience…

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