Partners FAQs

PGI Fellows are:

  • Carefully-selected, diverse, and purpose-driven MBA graduate students between their first and second year of business school
  • Committed to PGIs’ mission and values, and have a passion to use their business training as a force for good
  • Equipped with a minimum of two years of full-time (non-internship) professional work experience in a variety of fields


For more information on the Fellowship requirements please check out Our Fellows

Our Fellowship is ten weeks long, starting in early June and running through mid-August.

PGI serves as your strategic talent partner, providing you with a multitude of benefits that save you time, money, and resources.

  • We recruit, hire, and match top MBA students to our partners based on your needs and the Fellow’s area of expertise
  • We provide executive-level coaching with a curriculum that has unique frameworks and tools that we have developed over 10 years of work, enhanced by our Founder’s decades of study and protected by the US Patent and Trademark Office.
  • We take the hassle out of HR onboarding and pay the Fellows directly through our payroll management portal.
  • We provide an excellent resource of purpose-driven MBA grads to expand your talent pool for full-time positions in the medium term.
  • Work full-time at the partner organization for ten weeks on the assigned project, and abide by all HR policies and standards of the partner organization
  • Leverage the PGI professional development content and global community of experts to enhance their work for our Partners, providing deliverables that are superior to what a standard MBA intern would be able to produce on their own.
  • Ensure all deliverables are submitted by the deadline dates
  • Comply with all federal laws, which require Fellows to be able to authenticate their identity and eligibility to work in the United States, as well as fill out the relevant employment eligibility verification document forms by the first day of work
  • Accept a Fellow match that has been carefully selected by PGI to fulfill the needs of your business and project.
  • Ensure a well-defined project scope of work to ensure the Fellow has a clear understanding of project needs and deliverables
  • Submit all requested documentation for project scope of work or other information to PGI as needed
  • Provide the Fellow with an engaged executive sponsor to provide guidance on the strategic impact of the Fellow’s project as well as a project manager to assist with daily needs or questions
  • Hold weekly one-on-one meetings with Fellow to ensure alignment and progress
  • Provide appropriate office space and/or software and equipment for remote working
  • Ensure that all technology needs (i.e. laptop, VPN access, email address) are available on the first day of work 
  • Allow the Fellow prompt access to all project-related records and information.
  • Executive Coaching: Over 50 hours of individual and peer learning, guided reflection that include recognizing and mitigating implicit bias; growth mindset; radical candor; resilience; and self-awareness.
  • Impact Webinars: Interactive webinars with purpose-driven experts across sectors, industries, and backgrounds expose Fellows to the latest thinking and practice in social and environmental impact.
  • Self-Paced Learning & Reflection: Fellows read, watch, and listen to curated content to clarify their unique purpose, as well as their current and potential impact. PGI/IC’s proprietary Spheres and Spectrum of Impact frameworks help Fellows better understand how to identify and activate that purpose on the Me, We, and World levels.
  • Project Advisor: One-on-one support for Fellows and partners to assist when needed on projects or other items that may arise during the summer fellowship

Expanded Professional Sector Network: Expanded network through like-minded cohorts, guest speakers, alumni events, and the PGI/IC community.

Please reach out via Our Partner form or email We would like to learn more about your organizational structure and needs and, from there, we will provide cost details.

Yes, we are more than happy to learn more about your talent needs and customize a cohort group specifically for your organization.

Our Fellows’ work on a wide range of projects addressing issues within the social impact sector. Some of our areas of focus are: 

  • Operations, Marketing, and Growth Strategies
  • Impact Metric Evaluations
  • Business Development and Financial Modeling
  • Earned Income Strategies for Not-for-Profits 

Yes, our partners have access to our talent pool of purpose-driven leaders who are looking for full-time positions. We would be happy to learn more about your open full-time positions to explore a possible match in the PGI community.

PGI prioritizes the safety and health of all stakeholders and partners. We consider a variety of factors when determining whether Fellows will be in-person or virtual. Please note that some MBA institutions have their own policies around summer internships/fellowships, which we have to consider in our planning. These decisions will be communicated well before the start of the fellowship.