Fellowship FAQ’s

Fellowship Inquiries

PGI’s MBA Fellowship is a highly selective,10-week paid opportunity that matches Fellows with one of our high-impact partner organizations that use business as a force for good. The Fellowship also gives participants the opportunity to learn from social & environmental impact industry experts and gain access to over 50+ hours of learning, reflection, and practice to grow purposefully during their career path.

This is a 10-week paid opportunity that runs from early June to late August. 

Applicants for the PGI’s MBA Fellowship must be first-year MBA students who are committed to growing purposefully in both their work and life. Candidates do not have to have formal experience within the social sector or personal development, but we do screen for our values:

  • Willingness to do self-reflection, learning, and authentic peer interaction;
  • Imagination of how business can be a force for good; and
  • Courage to do what’s required to advance a more sustainable and inclusive way of working and living.


Successful PGI Fellows have the following qualifications:

  • Are curious, flexible, adaptable, and comfortable with ambiguity;
  • Strong presentation and interpersonal skills;
  • Enthusiasm for working in diverse (and potentially remote) project sites;
  • Work smart and have impeccable professional standards; and
  • Would be awesome companions if stranded in an airport for 12 hours

Fellowship Inquiries

Yes – all work authorizations are accepted.

Yes, applicants are required to be first-year MBA students. However, if you are a dual-degree student you need to have begun the portion of your business school requirements at the time you apply.

Yes, applicants are required to have at least two years of professional work experience (i.e. non-internship).


Round 1 (Resume & Cover Letter)

  • Applicants will submit their resumes and cover letter. We want to learn more about you and will assess if you’ll be a good fit for the Summer Fellowship by reviewing your academic and work history, alongside your resume, to ensure your goals and purpose are aligned with PGIs’ mission.
    • Time Frame: September – December


Round 2: Pre-Recorded Video Submissions

  • Candidates are invited to submit answers to prompted questions via video
    • Time Frame: December – early-January


Round 3: Case Study Prompt

  • Candidates are invited to perform a thought-provoking written response around a case that involves the type of work a Fellow would perform during their summer.
    • Time frame: January-February

Round 4: Group Interviews

  • Candidates are invited to participate in a virtual group interview where we get to see how prospective candidates interact in a group setting. We use this model to simulate if prospective candidates have the desire to be a part of a community of other purpose-driven professionals.
    • Time frame: Mid-February

Offers Extended: Matching & Placement

  • Time frame: March-May

After you submit your application, you’ll receive a confirmation and follow-up email that explains the next steps in the process.

Yes, the compensation is the federal rate of $875/week along with supplemented funds that can be provided by your business school (as available).

Yes, you can submit any questions that you may have regarding the PGI MBA Social Impact Fellowship to hello@purposefulgrowth.org.

While we are not able to set up or facilitate one-off formal interactions, PGI alum are involved in various components of our recruitment, admissions, and onboarding process. All of our PGI-led sessions feature alum where candidates are able to hear first-hand what PGI alum experiences were. You can find further information on when sessions are being held on our ‘events’ section of our website here.